Alabama Church Launches ‘Jesus 2020’ Campaign: ‘Jesus is Always the Winner’

Facebook / Jesus 2020

A small Baptist church in Alabama recently launched their “Jesus 2020” campaign complete with yard signs, T-shirts, decals, and magnets. Just one month later, thousands of signs have popped up all over the country ahead of the 2020 November election.

Small Church Doing Big Things

Sampey Memorial Baptist Church in the small town of Ramer, located just south of Montgomery, is the official campaign headquarters of the “Jesus 2020” initiative. The organizers detailed their reason for starting the campaign in a Facebook post on July 16.

“We originated this idea so people would know that we believe this country and the whole world needs Jesus! We do not want to hide our light under a bushel! We wanted to start a firestorm and be the first spark,” the post reads.

“This is a ministry for us and we can’t wait to see what GOD does with it! It has already been amazing! We would love for other churches or Christian groups to get on board and share our message of Jesus 2020 and let Him lead the way as He is leading us!”

In an interview with The Christian Post, organizer Joyce Hubbard discussed the campaign in more detail. She said her church doesn’t have to be a megachurch in order to make an impact.

“We’re in a small town, and our church probably has less than 200 members. And we’ve probably had 20 to 30 people [attend] since the coronavirus,” Hubbard said.

“But we just decided that we could do something. We don’t have to be a big church. We don’t have to be a megachurch to do something. It just takes a spark to get… a fire started all around the country, so that’s what we decided to do.”

‘Our Focus is on Jesus’

According to preliminary numbers, the “Jesus 2020” campaign has already sold and distributed over 5,000 yard signs. Despite the success, organizers said they haven’t come close to meeting the ultimate goal of having a “Jesus 2020 sign in every yard across America.”

When asked about the future of the campaign beyond the November 3 election, Hubbard said they haven’t ruled out extending it. “2020 doesn’t end until December 31, so we’re going to do it as long as we feel it’s needed,” she added.

“Our focus is on Jesus. This is not political. It’s not denominational. We’ve had all denominations, all races of people all want signs,” Hubbard emphasized.

“We feel like Jesus is so important. He’s been left out of so much and has been pushed out of so many things that we just feel like… we want Jesus out there… in front of everybody’s thoughts.”