Dr. Voddie Baucham Criticizes Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Christian News Network

Dr. Voddie Baucham at African Christian University in Zambia didn’t mince words concerning the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping across the U.S. He criticized the organization for how it is using black people to progress their agenda.

Dehumanizing Black People

During an interview with the Blaze’s Glenn Beck, Bauchum talked about why he agreed with Vice President Mike Pence’s refusal to say the phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” Bauchum said the phrase has been trademarked and is set up to use and dehumanize black people.

“That phrase dehumanizes black people. It makes them pawns in a game that has nothing whatsoever to do with black people and their dignity. And has everything to do with a divisive agenda that is bigger than black people,” Bauchum said. “That’s why I’m not going to use that phrase because I love black people. I love being black.”

Bauchum said that Christians need to “separate this movement” from the real issues. He fears that there are too many Christians not “taking the stand” against the actions the group is taking.

“This movement is dangerous. This movement is vicious. And this movement uses black people,” Bauchum added. “And so if I’m really concerned about issues in the black community — and I am — then I have to refuse, and repudiate that organization. Because they stand against that for which I am advocating.”

Disputing ‘Ethnic Gnosticism’

Approximately two weeks ago, Bauchum was on the Glenn Beck radio program to discuss his coined phrase “Ethnic Gnosticism.” Bauchum explained that “Ethnic Gnosticism” is the “idea that black people have the ability to possess secret knowledge of motive, intent, and goals in specific situations…”

He compared it with the Gnosticism seen in the New Testament in which a group of people claimed to have “secret knowledge” that pertains to salvation and the Kingdom of God. Bauchum believes that the Black Lives Matter movement is acting in the same way.

In fact, Gnosticism is contrary to the Gospel, he claims. A Christian’s knowledge should come from God. Scripture is the source Christians should use “to understand truth” and how they “look at the world.”

“So as Christians, these are the ways that we seek for truth. Not through special individuals, who have special knowledge,” Bauchum emphasized.

While Bauchum agrees that Christians should fight against the evils of racism, he cautions them not to point to anything other than Jesus for salvation. The answer to racism isn’t a movement or a “secret religion.”