Billy Graham and Secular Researchers on Angels, Demons and UFOs

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Is there a connection between UFOs and angels, or even demons? The late Billy Graham wrote about UFOs in his book Angels. A look at how Graham and 3 top secular researchers viewed UFOs, angels, demons, and ESP.

UFOs may be angels, says Graham

The above is a headline from the Orlando Sentinel, October 1, 1975, a dispatch from the Chicago Tribune, reviewing Billy Graham’s newly released book titled “Angels: God’s secret agents.”

In the book, in chapter 1, under the subheading “unidentified flying objects,” Graham writes: “Some Christian writers have speculated that UFOs could be part of God’s angelic host who presided over the physical affairs of universal creation.”

A few Christians still hold such an opinion today, some 47 years after Graham’s statement was first published. One of those opinions is the Catholic Church.

Back in 2014, Pope Francis famously said aliens should be baptized, and he would do so if the extraterrestrial requested it, The Atlantic reported. The Pope compared it to the early church baptizing the Gentiles.

“Some sincere Christians, whose views are anchored in a strong commitment to Scripture, contend that these UFOs are angels.” Graham states in the book. “But are they?”

“These people point to certain passages in Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, and the book of Revelation and draw parallels to the reports of observers of alleged UFO appearances,” Graham continues. “Any attempt to connect such passages with angels’ visits may, at best, be speculation.”

Graham warns about trying to identify such phenomena with Bible passages, noting that such speculations “often, in fact, run counter to the Bible’s teaching concerning the origin of life on this planet.”

Billy Graham died in 2018, and it was in the previous year that the New York Times published an article entitled “On the trail of the secret Pentagon UFO program.” releasing shocking revelations from a government leak showing video footage of UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena, the new buzzword replacing UFO), giving the world proof that something is out there.

One explanation of UFOs: Demonic deception

One view of UFOs, not only held by a growing number of Christians but even by several secular UFO researchers, is that UFOs and aliens are or could be demonic. There are several reasons for this viewpoint.

The ESP connection

Graham also writes in his book “Angels” on the topic of extrasensory perception (ESP). He warned that the fascination with ESP had released “religious” proportions. And while Graham does not connect the phenomena to UFOs and angels – many secular researchers have. They have noted that many people engaged in expanding their consciousness or trying to connect with supernatural entities have had UFO experiences. Further, some researchers attest that in almost all so-called “alien abduction” claims, there has been a psychic connection.

Secular researchers conclude a demonic connection with UFOs

Three well-known and highly respected secular UFO investigators believed the demonic was the best explanation for aliens and their so-called spacecraft.

Jacques Vallee is a renowned UFO researcher, computer scientist, astronomer, and the author of many books. He was the real-life inspiration for the character Claude Lacombe, the scientist in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” In his book “Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults,” Vallee reveals that after many years of scientific investigation it has led him to arrive at the conclusion that all UFOs are not necessarily extraterrestrial. He has spoken about the close connection between alien abduction stories and demonic encounters and possession.

Another classic book in the UFO field written by another highly respected secular researcher is “OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs” by John Keel. He also very clearly arrives at the conclusion that UFOs are interdimensional and most likely connected to demonic activity.

A third prominent secular UFO researcher, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, also arrived at the same conclusion as Vallee and Keel. It is very telling that all three of these science-oriented, non-Christian researchers all viewed UFOs and aliens from the same perspective.

From a purely Christian perspective, an excellent book on the possibility of UFOs being a demonic deception, “Ufo’s: The Great Last Days Deception,” by author and pastor Billy Crone, goes in-depth on the subject and provides seven factors that point to this conclusion, supported by Scripture.