Black Magic and Witchcraft Contributing to Increase in Child Abuse

Satanic ritual abuse is on the rise again around the world, and child abuse cases involving witchcraft or black magic have risen by 33% in England last year to nearly 2,000 or 38 per week.

The Bible tells us that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. The devil is always looking for ways to corrupt people.

Witchcraft and black magic make false promises in which people willingly give themselves over to the devil.

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

– 1 Peter 5:8

Satanic Ritual Abuse is real

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) was largely written off as in myth, earning the nickname “satanic panic” throughout the 80s and early 90s. Stories that arose in false allegations were made against some daycare centers.

Many said it was simply a product of unsubstantiated statements from children, overzealous law enforcement, and most of all – suggestive statements made by both therapists and prosecutors.

Many people have written off the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse as nothing more than the paranoia of McCarthyism mixed with the Salem witch hunts.

Because the whole idea of SRA was largely written off as some mythical, sick joke – a paranoid fantasy – people stopped paying attention. Meanwhile, this looking the other way has made it possible for those who truly are perpetrating such crimes to operate with impunity.

The comeback of Satanic Ritual Abuse

“They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was polluted with blood.”

– Psalm 106:37-38

Unlike in America, authorities in the UK are taking a closer look at the rise in child abuse cases that involve satanic ritual abuse. And they’re taking it very seriously.

The data shows that in the past year, cases of child abuse where black magic or witchcraft was involved have increased by some 33%, totaling nearly 2,000.

The previous year had increased by just 6%, and authorities are finding the latest rise alarming.

The number of witchcraft and black magic-related cases means that local councils are dealing with roughly 38 cases per week, said the Local Government Association.

Authorities are investigating cases where a child has been abused under a type of faith or belief which includes witchcraft, black magic, or using either of the former to treat spirit possession.

The problem has grown significantly enough that authorities are now seeking additional resources to combat the problem. There are so many cases that social workers have become better at identifying the hidden signs and culturally complex factors that signal such abuse.

Still, authorities believe “the true incidence rate is likely to be higher as these crimes are under-reported.”