Can the Bible Help Cure Your Arthritis?


Even we have to admit that the title sounds like a joke. How could the Bible help cure your arthritis pain? We’re not talking about praying the pain away, or asking God for a miracle, although you may find peace and comfort in knowing that He is with you always. We are talking about real arthritis pain relief, right now.

Doctor Don Colbert published a book several years ago called The Bible Cure for Arthritis, which describes ancient truths and natural remedies based on the teachings of the Bible, and what was used thousands of years ago.

The book weaves Bible stories with actual, real advice from an actual, real doctor to help you manage and treat your arthritis pain. It’s nice to see a real doctor looking to the Lord, not just medicinal science. Dr. Colbert weaves his years of medical knowledge with his knowledge of the Bible’s teachings to help provide a foundation for healing.