China Threatens to Fire School Teachers That Don’t Renounce Christian Faith

According to a religious watchdog group, Chinese schools are threatening to fire Christian teachers if they do not renounce their faith.

Under Pressure From the Government

Bitter Winter, a group that keeps a close eye on religious freedom in China, said Christian teachers are under severe pressure from the communist government. The intensity increased after President Xi Jinping announced that the main goal in education is to raise the next generation of socialist leaders.

“The state’s control over ideology is becoming stricter and stricter, particularly in the field of education,” a Catholic kindergarten teacher said. “If teachers hold religious beliefs… this becomes a political problem for the government.”

One teacher told the watchdog group that several teachers had criticized her faith during staff meetings. She also revealed that the administration is able to strip the county of any awards if the government learns about her faith.

Christian Persecution Across Multiple Provinces

Bitter Winter also wrote that several Christian teachers have reported religious persecution across multiple Chinese provinces.

  • A Heilongjiang province school threatened to fire a teacher last June. The government caught her preaching at a house church. “She was told to stop [preaching], or the government would punish the entire school.”
  • A school in Liaoning province fired a kindergarten teacher for being a Protestant.
  • A principal in Shandong province prohibited teachers from expressing their beliefs. The administrator forbade them from wearing jewelry with religious symbols. They also had to remove all religious items from their desks.
  • One Shandong province school official launched an investigation to determine if any of its teachers held Christian beliefs. The school carried out its inquiries into teachers and their families in secret.

Additionally, the government told Christian teachers to encourage members of their families to renounce their faith. If not, the schools would fire the teachers.

Replacing Religion With Party Support

The Chinese government deleted all references to the Bible in Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. Consequently, if a teacher wants to instruct from literary works, they must purchase them through the government. The government censors these copies according to the socialist agenda.

The government has also instructed teachers to indoctrinate their students. Teachers must encourage children to praise the Communist Party. Teachers need to “make them believe” the government.

The government sees Christian teachers as threats to their authority. Therefore, forcing teachers to renounce their faith is the only way the government feels they can maintain control.