The Bible is filled with stories of angelic activity and interventions into the events of human affairs. But are angels still active in the world today? Here is one amazing story of an angelic intervention to save a toddler.

Angels watch over a toddler

The following story appeared in the February 21, 1977 episode of Unsolved Mysteries and was later reused by Paranormal Witness. The story involves both paranormal phenomena and what appears to be an intervention by guardian angels. This story was best told, in the most detail, in the book the Supernatural Worldview, by the late Cris Putnam. The book also talks about several other paranormal/supernatural connections to the event involving several people that space does not allow for here, but is fascinating reading.

The story surrounds 24-year-old Christine Skubish and her then three-year-old son Nick. Christine had recently earned her paralegal certification and was moving to begin a new career. She left her family’s home near Sacramento on June 5, 1994.

But as of June 8, Christine had not arrived at her destination, and one of her friends called her stepfather, who then made missing persons report to the police. He also began checking with hospitals along the route Christine would have traveled.

Police at the time thought it was another routine missing person report, that is to say, someone who wasn’t missing.

The accident

Christine Skubish lost control of her vehicle and drove off Highway 50 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains 15 miles outside of Placerville, California. The vehicle careened down a steep embankment. The thick vegetation below the highway hid the car from easy observation.

Putnam interviewed Nick Skubish, who was now 22, about the events of the car crash that occurred when he was three years old.

Nick told Putnam he remembered the accident but doesn’t remember anything before it occurred, the hospital afterward, or recovery from his injuries. Nick said he remembered “the car flipping” and “hitting tree after tree.”

According to Nick, he and his mother wrecked at 2 a.m. on June 6 and were found sometime in the afternoon on June 11.

The toddler spent a little over five days and six nights without food or water. Nick suffered a severe concussion and still has an indentation from the point of impact. He also suffered severe malnutrition and dehydration.

Apparition leads travelers and officers to car crash

A woman named Deborah Hoyt claims to have awakened in the middle of the night with an overwhelming urgency to go home. The feeling was so strong she persuaded her husband to wake up and drive up Highway fifty-two their home in Lake Tahoe. On the way, Deborah spotted a ghostly, naked young woman, apparently deceased, on the side of the road. She described the woman as attractive, dark-haired, and endowed with large breasts. All these features matched Christine’s description.

After spotting the woman, Deborah and her husband drove to the closest gas station and called 911.

When an officer arrived, Deborah led him to Bullion Bend, but no one was there.

Despite using a spotlight to search, the officer found nothing.

However, later that night, police were led back to Bullion Bend. Two other drivers called the police to report seeing a woman. But the third call to authorities was the most startling, as the caller argued with police who said they’d been there twice and there was nothing there. The man said he watched her run back and forth frantically as if looking for something. He said, “I’m watching her as we speak.”

Six days after the accident, police found the vehicle, the mother dead, and the boy alive.

Later, the sightings of Christine would be understood to have been an apparition. Authorities suspect she died on impact from a severed cervical spine in the crash and never left the vehicle.

The presence of a guardian angel

It seems that three-year-old Nick was never alone during his six days in the wilderness, sleeping in the crashed vehicle, surrounded by bugs and wild animals. He did not suffer a single insect bite.

Three-year-old Nick was alive next to his deceased mother’s body in the car. However, Nick remembers that he was not alone. At night, he said he saw light shapes like a glowing body.

“Take the silhouette of a person, just the form, if you will,” Nick told Putnam in an interview, describing what he saw. “And make fat form and essence of light, just light radiating from the form, but no physical features, no hands, no clothes… Just light.”