Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson is Baptizing Fans of His ‘Unashamed’ Podcast

Facebook / Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"

In 2019, the Duck Dynasty patriarch launched the Unashamed Podcast with Phil Robertson. It currently ranks in the Top 10 in Apple’s religion and spiritual category. Fans are so enamored by the show that they are driving across the country just so the host can baptize them.

Fans Drive to Louisiana to be Baptized

Roughly two years after Duck Dynasty ended its 11 season run on the A&E Network, Phil Robertson started his own podcast. Joined by sons Jase and Alan, Robertson has garnered a following that has put the family back in the public eye.

“We’re reaching out to our neighbor and we’re telling them to love their God – repent and turn to God – walk like Jesus did. Love God and love your neighbor,” Robertson about the podcast.

Despite living in Louisiana, fans of the podcast are filling up their gas tanks and heading down south. The respect that others have for Robertson has motivated them to head out on a road trip.

“They’re coming from that podcast,” he said. “About nine or maybe 10, in the last three days. They’ve come all the way down here. And I baptized that whole little crew. It’s that way every day or two. They just keep coming.”

Although some have expressed concern about baptizing complete strangers amid a pandemic, Robertson isn’t worried. “I baptized ‘em, and I’m still kicking,” he assured.

Robertson’s Life and Success After Duck Dynasty

Duck Commander, the Robertson’s family business, was quite successful prior to the reality TV show that took the world by storm in 2012. In fact, the show helped launch the career of CEO Willie Robertson’s daughter, Sadie, who is a motivational speaker and influencer.

The Duck Dynasty patriarch, however, is committed to staying off the grid. Despite his new book, Jesus Politics: How to Win Back the Soul of America, and television program on Blaze TV called In the Woods With Phil, Robertson enjoys his quiet life.

“I’m down here in the woods. I live a quiet life. I mind my own business and I work hard with my hands. I’m not dependent on anybody, including the government or anybody else,” he said.

When asked if the quarantine caused by the coronavirus has impacted him, Phil replied, “zero.”

He also said he’s “been on semi-quarantine” for the last 45-50 years. He’s also never owned a cell phone and said he has no desire or intention to ever have one. “I’m a cell phone-free zone,” he said.