How to Use Your Stimulus Check to Glorify the Lord


The stimulus checks from the government because of the coronavirus lockdown were a Godsend to many of us. Some needed all of the money for essential items like rent, mortgages, and bills, but if you were blessed enough to have some leftover, make sure that you spend it in ways that glorify the Lord.

Give thanks in prayer to God that we live in a country that is prosperous enough, and with enough mercy and love to provide this money to people in need – know that not everyone does.

Remember to pay your 10% tithe to the Lord in church.

Then donate your check to worthwhile causes. These can include charities in your own church or neighborhood, that help poor and struggling families keep food on their table, and a roof over their heads. You can also donate directly by bringing food to a family that you know who are struggling because of lost income.