Is the Galaxy Z Fold 3 Worth the Price?


Since Samsung introduced its new line of folding smartphones, the reception has been positive. Reviewers love the foldable screen, the big display, and the slim profile that the phone keeps even when it’s folded up in a pocket.

However, two glaring complaints hang over the Fold and Flip line of Samsung Galaxy smartphones: price and durability.

Is the newest Galaxy Z Fold 3 worth its price tag, or is it just a fun proof of concept?

The Screen

The first notable thing about the Z Fold, of course, is its display. The big, gorgeous, folding screen makes the Fold closer to a tablet than a smartphone once it’s unfolded. That feature makes it a compelling option for users who love playing games or watching videos primarily on their phones.

The ability to fold what is essentially a tablet into a small package that fits in a pocket makes the Fold one of the most desirable smartphones on the market. It helps that Samsung has packed a ton of power into the device, so the images displayed on that huge screen look great.

And, like all good Samsung tablets, the folding phone supports the use of the S Pen. Samsung’s proprietary pen is great for productivity, as it makes jotting down notes or drawing out simple diagrams easy.


Durability remains a sore spot for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Like its predecessors, the phone relies on a simple hinge to open the clamshell case and reveal the huge folding screen within. That screen is a very thin glass display that is bendable enough to fold into the display’s smaller size. Some reviewers have noted that this screen is still somewhat fragile. The phone’s screen has even cracked for some users for seemingly no reason.

The phone does sport water resistance, however, making it a big step up over its predecessors. Samsung promises that this model is 80% more durable than the Z Fold 2, but that might not mean much considering how fragile the Fold 2 is.


There’s also no way to get around the price tag for this phone. Even though it’s not as expensive as the first Galaxy Fold, the Fold 3 retails for $1,799. That’s a full $1,000 more than a base-price iPhone 13, which itself isn’t considered an inexpensive phone.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 worth the price? It’s certainly one of the most novel and interesting smartphones on the current market. If you’re a Samsung superfan who doesn’t mind the price tag or a power user who loves the idea of a tablet you can carry in your pocket, this could be the perfect phone for you.