Jesus Was Greek and Not the Son of God, New Documentary Says

In the latest assault on the divinity of Jesus Christ, a new documentary created for Amazon Prime makes the claims that Yeshua was Greek, not Jewish, and that an ancient philosopher Apollonius of Tyan was the actual son of God who preached and performed miracles.

In this article, we’ll compare these new claims against what scholars – even agnostic and atheist scholars, and how they agree on the existence of the historical person named Jesus Christ.

Jesus a Greek?

The outrageous claim that Jesus was actually a Greek philosopher who lived at the same time of another Greek philosopher named Apollonius, the true son of God, is just one of several outrageous assertions in a new documentary produced for Amazon Prime called Bible Conspiracies.

The documentary alleges that Apollonius was eradicated from history, with Jesus being named in his place.

The documentary claims that Jesus might actually be Apollonius of Tyan (15-100 A.D.), a philosopher. The documentary apparently completely ignores the lifetime of Apollonius, who scholars claim was born fifteen years after Jesus died. However, the documentary claims Apollonius was born in the third or fourth year BC, which is about the time of Jesus’ birth.

According to the series, Apollonius was known for performing miracles and amassing followers in the same way as Jesus. It states that both Apollonius and Jesus had a similar bearded appearance.

Nonetheless, critics have already slammed the series for making conspiratorial assertions about Jesus and the Bible without presenting interviews with trustworthy experts or historical evidence in support of their claims.

Did Jesus exist? Atheist scholar defends Jesus

In a book called “Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth,” written by agnostic atheist professor Bart Ehrman in 2012, the author writes that all experts in the area of study agree that “whatever else you may think about Jesus, he certainly did exist.”

Ehrman is a New Testament scholar who focuses on criticizing the biblical books of the canon, and has written a number of books critical of Jesus and Christianity. He has written and edited 30 books, including three textbooks, six New York Times bestsellers, and is a professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Independent confirmation of Jesus existence historically astounding

While most of Ehrman’s books denounce religion, in “Did Jesus Exist,” Ehrman actually defends the idea that Jesus Christ did exist, taking a historical rather than religious viewpoint to prove Christ’s existence on Earth.

Ehrman repeats what many scholars – agnostic, atheist and believers alike – have already said, which is that Jesus is one of the most well-documented figures in all of history. The independent confirmations for the existence of Jesus are actually “astounding for an ancient figure of any kind” Ehrman says.

Ehrman also shoots down a popular modern theory, as put forth in many documentaries including Zeitgeist, that Jesus was an invention of pagan myths and of dying-and-rising gods. Ehrman says that Christians were influenced by Jewish ideas, not those of Greeks or Romans.

Things scholars agree on about Jesus

  • Jesus was born sometime before 4 BC.
  • Jesus grew up in Galilee.
  • Jesus was raised Jewish and remained deeply Jewish his entire life.
  • Jesus father was a carpenter, and he became one, too.
  • Jesus saw himself doing something within Judaism, not forming a new religion.
  • Jesus became noted as a healer, teacher, and prophet.
  • Jesus was executed by Roman Imperial authority.