Joel Osteen and Kanye West Planning Massive Stadium Tours

Fresh off Kanye West’s epic “Sunday Service” at Joel Osteen’s church in Houston last month, the mega-church pastor is planning a massive collaboration with the newly-turned Christian rapper at Yankee Stadium in front of 50,000 people in 2020 with more to come; plus, Kanye West gaining widespread praise and support as a new Christian leader.

Osteen and West: Massive stadium events and possible national tour

Pastor Joel Osteen and Kanye West have announced they are planning on hosting a religious event at Yankee Stadium on May 2, 2020.

The event is sure to sell out. Osteen will deliver the sermon and West will provide the music.

The pair is also engaged in the planning stages for a similar event at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago in September.

Beyond that, talk is circulating that a national tour could be in the works.

Rumored cities that could host the pair include Miami, Detroit, and Los Angeles in 2021.

Osteen and West: God’s new dynamic duo

The televised broadcast of Pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church “Sunday Service” event featuring Kanye West brought the mega-church its largest audience ever, reaching over 7 million broadcast viewers.

Kanye West’s “Sunday Service” has turned into a cultural phenomenon over the past year.

Osteen, a best-selling author, has been making the rounds with various news outlets talking about his latest book, as well as his new friendship with superstar rapper Kanye West.

Osteen says West approached him first, via a text, which led to a conversation, and then evolved into a friendship that “felt right.”

“I’m a believer in people,” Osteen says. “I found him to be very genuine and just – a fantastic person.”

“He asked me for advice because this world is new to him,” Osteen recalled of his first meeting with West.

“I just shared it – shared with him just to – you know, to keep God in first place, and keep listening to his heart.”

Kanye West earning praise and emerging as a new Christian leader

As rap star Kanye West has become a committed Christian and transitioned into gospel music, he is earning widespread praise.

In a move that has surprised many, West has disavowed the non-Christian messages in his previous music, vowing to no longer play any of his old songs at his shows, but instead, only playing gospel.

Keyboardist for the rock band Journey, Jonathan Cain, the songwriter behind many of the group’s mega-hits, also makes Christian music and is praising West for his efforts.

“For me it looked like a move of God, and I’m thrilled he’s doing it,” Cain said of West.

“It shows the aggression of someone who has influence and is called and wants to take that influence up this mountain and raise the flag. I love seeing it. It’s a blessing to have him part of the kingdom, for sure.”