John Piper Clarifies Stance on Coronavirus After Group Tries to Oust Army Chaplain

John Piper, reformed pastor and author of recently released “Coronavirus and Christ,” clarified his stance on the virus after a legal group tried to oust a senior-ranking U.S. Army chaplain.

In a 17-minute interview, Piper responded to a claim that his book “pushes the belief that the coronavirus is God’s judgment” on sin, including homosexuality.

Piper Responds to Criticism of New Book

Founder of Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) Mikey Weinstein wants the army to court-martial Senior Chaplain Col. Moon H. Kim after he emailed other chaplains a copy of Piper’s new book.

When asked if he thought the criticisms of his book were fair, Piper explained that Weinstein is adamantly against his biblical convictions.

“I think it would be fair to say that some of my views about what the Bible teaches, even rightly understood, [Weinstein] hates. He hates what I think,” Piper said.

In reference to Piper’s comments regarding homosexuality and coronavirus, Weinstein says Piper’s view “destroys good order” and “unit cohesion within the military.” He says it’s horrible and wrong to conclude that COVID-19 is a punishment for those who are homosexual.

“What are you supposed to tell a couple that has a gay child who also has COVID? ‘Well, this is your due penalty?’” Weinstein asked.

Piper says the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin and Weinstein just doesn’t like it.

“I consider all of those views to be true because they are what the Bible teaches. Therefore, they’re very valuable to know,” Piper emphasized. “So I think it’s not just that he misunderstands, but that he gets some things right in those quotes, and he just doesn’t like them.”

Piper Clarifies His Position

During the interview, Piper said he believes Weinstein misrepresents his view in several ways.

“For example, when I say that ‘some people will be infected with the coronavirus as a specific judgment from God…,’ he assumes I know who those people are…”

Piper continues, “But… the coronavirus is… never a clear and simple punishment on any person. The most loving, spirit-filled Christian… may die of the coronavirus disease.”

Piper then encouraged Christians to examine how they are living. Could God’s judgment be a result of sinful living?

Piper also refuted the belief that every homosexual person that contracts COVID-19 is being punished by God. Sometimes diseases come as a “due penalty.” Other times it’s a wake-up call. This perspective is true for all sin. “God’s ways are simply more complex than [Weinstein] acknowledges,” Piper added.