Kanye West’s Jesus is King Makes Music History

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Kanye West’s Jesus is King is not only dominating the gospel music charts, it’s dominating secular charts as well, topping five different music charts simultaneously – a historic first!

This is the first time ever that a single album has been number one on all five charts, and he set two unprecedented singles charts record as well.

Jesus is King by Kanye West is the number one album in the world and in the United States.

One thing is for certain, no matter what people may think of what Kanye has done in the past – what Kanye is doing in the present is waking up the entire music world to the presence and power of Jesus Christ.

West is dominating the music charts as he proclaims: Jesus is King. The success West is experiencing may be a further testament to the power of Christ.

Jesus is King album by Kanye West #1 on 5 music charts at once

Kanye West might just be bigger than the Beatles right now.

His album “Jesus is King” has achieved an unprecedented feat in the history of music as he occupies the top spot on five different album charts including: Top Album on the Billboard 200 (which combines albums from all music genres), Top Rap Album, Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album, Top Christian Album, and Top Gospel Album.

All top ten singles slots are filled by Kanye

“Jesus is King” topping 5 music charts isn’t the only incredible historic feat Kanye West has achieved.

In another incredible and unprecedented accomplishment, West has also filled the entire Christian and Gospel top ten singles chart with songs from the “Jesus is King” album.

Will Kanye inspire a Christian revival?

Kanye West held his Sunday Service concert last week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the service, a pastor from Lafayette, Louisiana who attended said he saw over 1000 people give their lives to Christ during an altar call.

The pastor tweeted: “In a crowd of 6,000 people from all walks of life, all ages, and all races, i witnessed over 1,000 people respond to The Gospel by raising their hands to accept Jesus as their Lord & Savior!”

“Say what you want, & think what you want,” the pastor continued, “but trust me when I tell you – The Spirit of the Living God was indeed present. I danced, wept, stood in awe of God’s redemptive work, & can honestly say that tonight I witnessed a new wave of REVIVAL first hand.”

Christmas album coming from Kanye

Kanye West announced that he is also releasing a Christmas album which will be entitled: Jesus is Born.