Make Sure That Your Lawn and Garden Company Are Christians


It’s summer, and lockdowns are being lifted! Now is the time to start having friends over again, and perhaps having small church get-togethers. As you plan, you may be looking at your garden and thinking of ways to make it more inviting.

As a Christian, you probably want to support Christian companies. You know that your money is helping them, and you also know that it is going to support the church in the form of tithes, charities, and ministries.

Start by asking around your congregation to see if anyone has any recommendations. There may even be some lawn and care company owners and employees who have posted their cards on the church bulletin board.

You can also find lawn and garden companies that reflect your Christian values by using Christian business registers like The Christian Business Network and The Christian Business Referral Network. The businesses listed have sworn that they are hard-working Christians who extoll God and Jesus in their own lives, and that they return money to the Lord.