Man Pushes Birthday Gift Into River Because It Wasn’t What He Wanted


Take a moment and think about your worst birthday present ever. Was it something from a significant other that was clearly for them? An obviously last-minute regift?

Something so off from your own personal interests that it felt like a stranger bought it for you?

Whatever it was, we bet you didn’t have the reaction that this man did when his father bought him a BMW sedan instead of the Jaguar he apparently wanted.

BMW M3 Sedan

When he realized that he wasn’t getting his Jag, he decided the best course of action would be to push the car into a river. No, seriously.

Veruca Salt Level of Entitlement

The man is only known as Akash (We can’t imagine why his family wants to keep his name out of papers), and yes, we call him a man because he is apparently 22 years old. For his birthday, he asked his parents for a Jaguar big enough to fit all of his friends.

Instead, his parents gifted him a BMW M3, a model that costs about 3.5 million rupees in India, or roughly $49,000 USD. One interview with the father said that was what they “could afford,” and while he knew his spoiled son wanted a Jaguar he thought it would be fine.

Clearly, he was wrong.

According to Akash’s friends, he has several other cars that were provided by his parents, including a motorcycle and an SUV. He did not share why he felt he needed a Jaguar over a BMW.

Rescuing the Poor BMW

The M3 had to be pulled from the river using a crane, and it’s unclear if it still even runs or not. Being submerged for any length of time can lead to water in places it should never be, like in your oil. Starting the engine without being 100% sure it is clear can completely destroy it, even if it is brand new.

Reports from those who watched the incident are mixed – some media outlets are reporting that Akash pushed the car into the river and filmed it, before sending it to his parents. Others say that Akash was inside the vehicle when it went into the river, and he only filmed it waterlogged after he got out.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that this BMW didn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

Police are “investigating” the matter, but one police officer already said it seems like a personal dispute that they will not be involved in.