Man Sells Roaches Online and Makes Bank Doing It


Here’s how a man makes thousands a month by selling roaches online. Have you ever heard of the phrase, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life?

What a great example of that.

Do People Really Buy Roaches Online?

If you’ve never owned a reptile or any other sort of bug-eating animal, it might not even occur to you that people purchase live bugs to begin with. But many pets need to eat things like mealworms, roaches, and other scampering critters. You have to get them somewhere.

According to Chris Adams, half of the husband-and-white duo that runs Luna Roaches, the bugs that you get in pet stores are mass-produced and full of parasites, which can get your reptiles sick.

“It’s terrible to have your beaded dragon get sick. You buy it from people like us because you want to get it from someone who owns reptiles.” Chris owned up to 31 beaded dragons at one point in his life and started raising roaches specifically to feed his own pets.

Now, the couple has a converted barn on their property where they raise the bugs and sell mostly through places like eBay. And yes, they make thousands.

How Do You Even Ship Roaches and Bugs?

Good question! Apparently, via the United States Postal Service. Seriously!

Several bug-shipping experts say it is surprisingly easy to ship bugs via USPS, and as long as you take care with packaging and handling, it’s not all that hard to get the bugs to their final destination alive.

During the summer, a mesh screen is used to allow airflow throughout the boxes. That way, if the bugs are stuck in a hot van for hours or on someone’s front porch in the sun, they won’t overheat and die.

In the winter, packaging switches to more Styrofoam and lining, to help ensure that the bugs don’t freeze in the cold.

Not All That Easy… But Not Super Hard, Either

One person on Reddit shared that with a little research and a small number of upfront costs, depending on the bugs you wanted to raise, you could easily make extra money every month. He shared that he was making about $900/month thanks to his upfront investment of just $50.

“You’re basically the garbageman of the reptile trade.” He explained to another user. “This is something that needs to be done, but it’s not the fun part so nobody cares to do it.”