Pastor Tony Evans Says America’s Racial Problem Due to ‘Failure of the Church’


Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship pastor Tony Evans believes that churches have an obligation to help undo the history of racial injustice in America. He says that churches have stood on the wrong side of several issues of race over the past 200 years.

‘Failure of the Church’

During two separate interviews this month, Evans blamed the current racial climate on the ‘failure of the church’ to act accordingly. In fact, he claims the church has promulgated the growth of racial inequality within society.

“The only reason this problem has existed this deep for this long is the failure of the church,” he said. “Had the church not endorsed slavery, had the church not endorsed… segregation, Jim Crow, and many of the systems, [then] they would not have been adopted and perpetuated in the culture.”

Evans added that “the church has got to fix” the many problems it has caused by “looking the other way.”

Personal Stories of Racism

To demonstrate the ongoing reality of racism, Evans shared a couple of his own experiences. He described how he was only allowed on the radio after James Dobson intervened on his behalf.

“The only reason I’m on the radio is [because] James Dobson intervened because the radio stations told me that a black speaker would be too offensive to their white listeners. He intervened, and that opened up some doors.”

Hey shared how he felt completely unwanted at a church in Atlanta, GA after members “let it be known that I was not welcome there.”

Healing the Racial Divide

Evans said the church in America has the power to heal the racial divide that is plaguing the nation. “Black Christians and white Christians crossing racial lines to serve other people in need,” he said.

“We could turn this thing around in a very short period of time,” if we committed to do the following:

  • Adopt public schools.
  • Support the local police precinct.
  • Get involved with the central services in the community.
  • Handle homelessness in the community.

Evans also said that more preachers need to address racial injustice. “I don’t think enough pulpits are proclaiming it,” he emphasized.

Reform, Not Defund Police Department

In his interview on the Don Kroah Show, Evans condemned those crying for the defunding of local police departments. Although he believed reform is essential, the police are put in place to protect.

“[Defunding the police] a disaster. You must have order. The police are designed to enforce the law so that we can live safely,” he said. “Now, are there reforms needed in places? Absolutely. Do people need to know how to relate to people who are different than they are? Absolutely.

“But what you don’t do is deconstruct the system that is necessary to keep people safe. Because you cannot flourish personally, economically, or familially if you’re not safe to do so. And that makes the police force – righteously done – essential,” he added.