Pro-Life Filmmaker Launching New Streaming Platform to Rival NetFlix, Other Major Services

A pro-life activist and film producer recently announced plans to launch a new streaming platform that he hopes will rival Netflix and other major media services. The goal is to create a top-of-the-line entertainment platform that families can enjoy without worrying about controversial content.

An Idea Conceived From Adversity

Back in August, Amazon Prime removed filmmaker Marcus Pittman’s pro-life documentary, “Babies Are Still Murdered Here,” from its streaming service. While the film amassed over 300 mostly five-star reviews, all that’s left on the platform is a 90-second trailer.

Amazon’s removal of the documentary motivated Pittman to think outside the box. He argues that there is a better way for Christians to bring quality film to the masses.

“There has to be some better solution for Christian artists to make films. So when ‘Babies Are Murdered Here’ got banned, that is what really made me start thinking,” Pittman told Faithwire. “What are some other viable alternatives that’s quality, good streaming, and that pays creators really well for their content.”

After Pittman quickly learned that there weren’t any good options in the industry, he brainstormed some ideas of his own and came up with LOOR. He describes the project as “a unique platform that attracts and incentivizes the best content creators in the world.”

Pittman also noted that the recent release of the French film “Cuties,” which sexually exploits underage girls, was extremely influential in his decision to launch LOOR sooner rather than later. The controversial film led to a huge exodus of subscribers from Netflix.

“Where are [those subscribers] gonna go? Where am I gonna get crime documentaries? I have to cancel Netflix, but I’m gonna lose all my crime documentaries, which are actually pretty decent. They don’t offend me; I love those things,” Pittman said.

A ‘True Competitor,’ Not a ‘Silly Alternative’

Pittman said the goal of LOOR is anything but a “silly alternative” faith-based streaming service. His goal is to make the platform a “true competitor” to other services such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime.

The biggest obstacle that must be overcome is avoiding the often cheesy and unrealistic content that many faith-based and family-centered platforms create. Pittman said he is dedicated to creating a service that will buck this trend.

“I think it’s possible and I think the reactions to the trailer [for LOOR] actually demonstrate that there is that market there,” Pittman said. “There is a desire to build this thing.”