Republican Activist Charlie Kirk Discusses His Christian Faith During Podcast

YouTube / PragerU

Republican activist and devoted President Trump advocate Charlie Kirk opened up about his Christian faith during last week’s episode of the Lucas Miles podcast. He described his faith as the single, “most important thing” in his life.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Kirk told Miles that while he had “been a Christian basically my whole life,” he didn’t truly understand its implications until he got older. Kirk shared that he first “said the words” to become a Christian while in fifth grade, but didn’t completely understand what all it entailed.

“It means more this year than it did last year, it means more this year than it did when I was 20,” he said of his Christian faith.

The Turning Point USA founder went on to say how grateful he is for the gift of salvation. The unending blessings God brings him through faith is unrivaled by anything else the world has to offer.

“It’s almost a gift that grows sweeter with time. The more I read, the more I live… I’m able to admit I’m a total, absolute sinner and I fall short from the grace of God,” Kirk added.

Being ‘Saved’ Doesn’t Make People Better

Kirk continued, saying that there needs to be a renewed understanding of what it means to be saved. He told Miles that many Christians have an incorrect view of salvation. He argued that many believe Christianity makes them a better person.

“We have to get back to kind of what being saved means. It means that I was drowning in an ocean and I happened to get picked up by a lifeboat. It’s not like I earned it or that I swam better than anyone else,” Kirk said.

People cannot “outrun” sin in their lives. Only God can rescue the lost sinner and bring them into his family. Repentance and forgiveness are the key, not Christian rhetoric or trying harder.

Kirk also shared that the numerous attacks he faces daily have helped him see the importance of his faith. Putting faith in a perfect God because of our imperfections is the “most comforting thing in the world,” Kirk said.

“I pray for every single person to be able to find the same sort of redemption and meaning and connection that I have had, have right now. There’s a great comfort in actually knowing that you’re completely and totally depraved and an awful person and knowing that you have to accept a savior because of that,” Kirk told Miles.