Sadie Robertson’s Message of Hope: We Have a God ‘Who is in Control of Everything’

Sadie Robertson / YouTube

Duck Dynasty star and Christian speaker Sadie Robertson recently shared words of encouragement for Americans during these times of uncertainty. Her message of hope is that regardless of what we may all be going through, “God is in control of everything.”

A Message of Hope During Uncertain Times

In April, Robertson recorded a video for Fox Nation’s “Messages of Hope.” The network launched the initiative “to share daily messages of hope and faith during a time of uncertainty and fear.” Fox published her message earlier this week in the wake of the death of George Floyd and the unrest that followed.

“We’re going through something that’s really scary. Something that’s out of our control. Something that is causing us loss and sadness,” Robertson said speaking of the coronavirus pandemic.

“But the beauty in this… is that we are all going through it together. There’s something really beautiful about knowing that even though we don’t have control — that we have a God who is a good father, who is in control of everything,” she said.

Fixing Our Eyes on God

Robertson also referenced the book of Psalms to emphasize how Christians can find rest in God, knowing he is in control. She encourages people everywhere to “fix our eyes on Him.”

“It says in Psalms 46, He’s an ever-present help in times of trouble. So we got to fix our eyes on Him,” Robertson declared. “It says in Hebrews that even Jesus when he was enduring the agony of the cross, He fixed his eyes on Heaven for the hope that He has.”

“Sometimes we’re in the midst of something so bad, we have to fix our hope on something in the future, something better. And what better than an eternal home in Heaven? Away from all fear and pain. Away from our sickness and tragedy. With a good, good father. That’s our hope,” she added.

Speaking Out Against Racial Inequality

Robertson used her voice to speak out against racial inequality on Blackout Tuesday. She posted a black image with a verse from James 5:15: “Is anyone of you suffering? Let him pray.”

She reiterated that all of God’s creation has a purpose and that Christians everywhere should see people of color the same way God does.

“You are heard, you are seen, you are worthy, you are valuable, you are loved, [and] you are beautiful. I am deeply sorry that you have not experienced that from everyone around you. You were made in the image of God on purpose and for a purpose just as I believe we all were,” she wrote.

“I see that you are tired, that you have suffered. As the body of Christ that means we should all be with you in suffering. I am sorry that not all are and that we will never fully be able to understand. But I hope it is seen that many are standing. I hope it is known that many are praying.”