Scientist Unwittingly Makes Case for God: ‘We’re Alone in Lifeless Universe’

Many scientists agree that we are alone in a lifeless universe and that aliens don’t exist, but they don’t realize – that when they are supporting such statements – they are unintentionally making the case for God’s creation.

In the latest instance where science inadvertently made a strong case toward God being the creator of the universe, top British scientist Nick Longrich, who is a a senior lecturer in paleontology and evolutionary biology at the University of Bath in England, made a case about the missing single event in evolution and involuntarily made a profound case for creation.

Scientist’s Argument Sounds a Lot Like Creation

Longrich, in an op-ed piece for The Conversation, wrote that “it comes down to whether intelligence is a probable outcome of natural selection or an improbable fluke.”

“Our evolutionary history shows that many key adaptations – not just intelligence, but complex animals, complex cells, photosynthesis, and life itself – were unique, one-off events, and therefore highly improbable,” Longrich said.

“Our evolution may have been like winning the lottery…only far less likely.”

Can You Say Creation By God? The Truth Science Doesn’t Want To Admit

“So where is everyone?” Longrich asks. “This is the Fermi paradox. The universe is large, and old, with time and room for intelligence to evolve, but there’s no evidence of it.”

“Humans couldn’t evolve until fish evolved bones that let them crawl onto land,” Longrich continues. “Bones couldn’t evolve until complex animals appeared. Complex animals needed complex cells, and complex cells needed oxygen, made by photosynthesis. None of this happens without the evolution of life, a singular event among singular events.”

The last line points to it – the singular event that science can’t find.

That singular event is our creation by God.

The Missing Cornerstone of The Theory of Evolution is God

The point this scientist avoids stating implicitly, yet seems to imply by his own reasoning, is that what so many scientists call “evolution” is a type of evolving that occurred after God created everything in the first place.

“None of this happens without the evolution of life, a singular event among singular events,” Longrich says, and unintentionally makes the case for intelligent design right there.

That’s the answer to the missing piece of the puzzle science cannot find. No matter how hard they don’t want to be true – all the evidence points to God.

As this scientist proves, science simply has no answer for creation. Yet they agree – that evolution only happens after a singular event –that event is creation.

But the Bible does provide the answer…

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

– Genesis 1:1

Astronomical Odds and Numbers

“Photosynthesis evolved 1.5 billion years after the Earth’s formation, complex cells after 2.7 billion years, complex animals after 4 billion years, and human intelligence 4.5 billion years after the Earth formed. That these innovations are so useful but took so long to evolve implies that they’re exceedingly improbable,” Longrich writes. “The odds of evolving intelligence become one in 10 million.”

“So maybe each of these seven key innovations evolves just 1% of the time,” Longrich continues. “If so, intelligence will evolve in just 1 in 100 trillion habitable worlds. If habitable worlds are rare, then we might be the only intelligent life in the galaxy, or even the visible universe.”

Where the Argument Fails

“If evolution gets lucky one in 100 trillion times, what are the odds we happen to be on a planet where it happened?” Longrich asks. “Actually, the odds of being on that improbable world are 100%, because we couldn’t have this conversation on a world where photosynthesis, complex cells, or animals didn’t evolve. That’s the anthropic principle: Earth’s history must have allowed intelligent life to evolve, or we wouldn’t be here to ponder it.”


Longrich has already laid out a convincing argument with astronomical numbers and odds, yet when he gets to the end of his opinion piece – he then simply falls back on the non-answer of we simply got lucky and that’s why we’re here.

This is no argument at all.

It’s a shame, because he was doing so well until he dropped the ball at the end and had no answer.

Let us provide the answer…

We are here as intelligent beings because we were created by an intelligent designer – God.

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

– Genesis 1:27

This is the word of God and the answer to the reason in an enormous, lifeless, universe – against all odds –Earth and only Earth is teeming with life, and intelligent life (us).