Texas Governor: ‘Lean on Jesus’ in the Battle Against COVID-19


While speaking with Pastor Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott encouraged others that Jesus is the “support you can lean on that will always be there for you.”

From Personal Crisis to Worldwide Crisis

This past Sunday, the governor of Texas visited the multi-site megachurch to chat about how his own personal crisis has helped him deal with the current coronavirus crisis. Abbott opened up about his tragic injury when he was a younger man.

“When I was just 26 years old, I suffered, literally, a back-breaking injury,” Abbott said. “It’s a test of your faith. Why would God allow something like this to happen?” His injury left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

“But,” the governor continued, “very importantly, I found in the aftermath, that I continued to reach out to God. I found God reach back out to me. And my relationship with God and Jesus Christ grew even closer after that accident.”

Abbott added that everyone is going through a similar time of testing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although it may currently look bleak, there is a solution. There is someone you “can lean on that will always be there for you, and that’s Jesus Christ, God Almighty.”

God’s Hand Is at Work During Pandemic

Abbott announced last week that Texas would slowly begin to reopen starting in May. He is committed to working with experts to make sure the state reopens in the best way possible while keeping everyone safe.

“God’s hand is working through the scientists across this great nation by coming out with fast, innovative drugs that would lead to therapeutic remedies,” Abbott remarked. “The growth of the coronavirus in Texas is slowing by people staying at home, by people reducing interaction with others.”

Pastor Graham reiterated that his church would fully cooperate with Gov. Abbott’s plans. Graham confidently said the church is on its knees praying for “the greatest comeback that we’ve ever known.”

He challenged everyone to “work together to bring our nation out of this crisis. As a church, we believe that God is at work in our moments of crisis and He will see us through this pandemic.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Prestonwood has provided relief for its community through various ways. It’s distributed meals, hosted blood drives and given financial and career advice for those facing unemployment.

Breaking free from the chains of coronavirus is going to be great “in God’s timing,” Graham proclaimed.