The Most Popular Halloween Candy in Each State — What Is Your State’s Favorite?


Each state’s most popular Halloween candy has been collected based on sales and put together for your viewing pleasure.

Does your favorite match the state you live in, or should you be considering packing it all up and moving?!

How The Results Were Determined

The website Candy Store took data that spans 12 whole years to compile this list, so it isn’t like it is simply based on sales from one or two days.

Some states threw in some surprises, but for the most part, these are the expected results – most of the candy is what you’d find in the grocery store aisle.

Except for Montana. What is wrong with that state and its candy choices?!

Candy Store also pointed out when they released the info that their ‘big surprise’ candies were saltwater taffy and Hot Tamales, which the candy giant didn’t expect to rank at all. What candy on this list of states surprises you the most?

halloween candy and bucket

Favorite Halloween Candy by State: The List

Arizona: Skittles – Who knew Arizona wanted to taste the rainbow? Maybe it’s their lack of rain…

Arkansas: Hot Tamales

California: Skittles

Colorado: Twix

Connecticut: Milky Way

Delaware: Skittles

District of Columbia: Tootsie Pops – Wait, people still eat these?

Florida: Skittles

Georgia: Jolly Ranchers

Hawaii: Skittles

Idaho: Candy Corn – Never trust a state that says their favorite candy is Candy Corn. It’s not even real candy.

Illinois: Kit Kat – There is only one right way to eat this candy. If you’re not eating it one wafer at a time, you should go to candy jail. It’s a fact.

Indiana: Hot Tamales

Iowa: Candy Corn – Okay, Iowa produces more corn than any other crop. We get this one. The whole state is brainwashed to appreciate corn in any form.

Kansas: Reese’s Cups

Kentucky: Swedish Fish

Louisiana: Lemonheads – With so much Cajun food, we would have expected something spicy. This is a weird one. Again, we didn’t realize people would choose Lemonheads over another candy.

Maine: Sour Patch Kids

Maryland: Reese’s Cups

Massachusetts: Butterfingers – Crispy, crunchy, peanut buttery… we get it.

Michigan: Starburst

Minnesota: Skittles

Mississippi: Snickers

Missouri: Milky Way

Montana: Dubble Bubble – This is… not okay, Montana. Are you alright? Is this a cry for help? There are other options out there, you know. Better options. That actually taste like something other than plastic and pink.

Nebraska: Saltwater taffy

Nevada: Candy Corn – Really? You have Las Vegas and you’re settling for this candy?!

New Hampshire: Starbursts

New Jersey: Tootsie Pops

New Mexico: Candy Corn – Nope. Don’t trust it.

New York: Hot Tamales

North Carolina: Reese’s Cups

North Dakota: Candy Corn – Maybe there isn’t any flavor in the whole state. That’s why they like this candy choice.

Ohio: M&M’s

Oklahoma: Dubble Bubble – We give up.

Oregon: Reese’s Cups

Pennsylvania: Hershey’s Mini Bars

Rhode Island: Twix

South Carolina: Skittles

South Dakota: Starbursts

Tennessee: Tootsie Pops

Texas: Reese’s Cups

Utah: Jolly Ranchers

Vermont: M&M’s

Virginia: Hot Tamales

Washington: Saltwater taffy

West Virginia: Blow Pops – Once again, who is buying this? When was the last time you saw a Blow Pop in a store?!

Wisconsin: Starbursts

Wyoming: Saltwater taffy