Vegan Sues Neighbor After Smelling Meat


The smell of meat cooking has upset one vegan woman so much that she has decided to take extreme measures. She has sued her neighbors, claiming that the smell of meat and fish cooking from their back garden has caused her to lose sleep and enjoyment.

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She couldn’t possibly even use her back garden, now that all she can smell is grilled fish. She truly believes that her neighbors are “allowing” the smell to enter her garden to taunt her.

A Vegan Lost in a World of Carnivores

Cilla Carden, who lives in Perth, Australia, and works as a massage therapist, truly believes that her neighbors are cooking outside maliciously to taunt and upset her. Carden says she is a vegan, and the scent of cooked meat greatly offends her.

She claims that she just wants to live her life in peace, and wishes her neighbors would stop cooking outside or making her back garden smell like fish and meat so she could do so.

Carden decided that her best course of action would be to take her neighbor to court over their cooking habits, so that is what she did!

In early 2018, her case was dismissed due to a lack of real evidence. She appealed, and a higher court in Australia also struck it down. Now, her only option would be the Australian supreme court.

Her lawyer John Hammond said that it was an “extreme” option for Carden, but it wasn’t completely off the table.

Her Complaints

Carden apparently has issues with all of her neighbors, not just the carnivores around her.

Neighbor Toan Vu, who lives next to Carden with his wife and children, told local news outlets that his family has completely stopped grilling outside due to Carden’s demands.

He also has stopped his children from playing basketball in their back garden, another noise that she complained about. Vu appears to be bending over backward for the sake of neighborhood cohesion.

Carden has regularly complained about the smell of cigarette smoke and children playing. The back gardens are all fenced, so she can’t actually see what is happening on the other side.

Her claims of neighbors “deliberately allowing” the scent of cooked meats to travel into her back garden also seem dubious. We’re unclear on just how one “allows” scents travel, or if malicious barbequing is even a thing.