Veggie Tales Making a Comeback with New Bible Stories and Original Creator

‘Veggie Tales,’ a highly-popular animated Christian show for children, is making a comeback, with a new special and 18 brand-new episodes. The original creator is returning to the helm.

“Veggie Tales” struck a chord with audiences as a fun way to introduce the Bible for kids (or anyone for that matter), and included Bible verses kids can relate to, as well as learn the stories of the Bible.

Phil Vischer, the show’s original creator, lost ownership in 2004 to the series he started in 1993, but has returned and promises the new series will go back to the feel of the classic “Veggie Tales” that made the show so popular in the first place.

New Stories, More Like a Variety Show

Vischer says the new version will have different story links and segments that will make “Veggie Tales” more like a variety show, while still encompassing the classic feel.

“It was what I was interested in and what the fans have been asking for,” Vischer said. “You can take smaller, more obscure Bible stories and introduce them to kids for the first time. It’s fun to dip into smaller stories that they’ve never heard before.”

Vischer adds that “Veggie Tales” fans will be treated to “new Bible stories, new silly songs, and then the opportunity to see the characters behind the scenes to see what’s going on in between segments.”

Christmas Special, 18 New Episodes and DVD

First up for “Veggie Tales” is a Christmas special entitled “The Best Christmas gift.” It will be released this week on DVD and digital.

It’s the first Christmas-themed “Veggie Tales” show since 2014.

The new “Veggie Tales” series will air on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) in a three-year deal, which includes a partnership with NBC Universal and The Big Ideas Content Group.